Bugs in homes, all over the world

See our team undertake indoor bug-collecting expeditions all over the world- Raleigh, San Francisco, Sweden and the remote Peruvian Amazon. More soon.

BUgs in Australia video

bugs in homes
This Untamed Science video shows how we sample houses for arthropods and highlights some of our findings from 50 homes in Raleigh, NC.
bugs in homes SF
This Untamed Science video follows our Cal Academy team on our house sampling expedition in San Francisco.
Bugs in homes SW
Here postdoc Misha Leong samples houses in Sweden with Untamed Science.
bugs in homes AM
The Trautwein Lab and Untamed science hunt arthropods in houses in the remote Peruvian Amazon.
Watch Ellen’s take on our Bugs in Houses research

KQED deep look

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